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Top 10 Best Creative Teaching Aids for Science Pdf (B.ed & D.El.ED)

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Dipak Wayal. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Kamalakar Gaikwad1 Mr.. Dipak Wayal2 Mr. Anant Netke3 Prof. Abhijit Wagh4 1 Asst. Abstract: Modern teaching aids have been proved to be a useful tool in English Teaching process, which is more efficient and more impressive than traditional mode.

Teaching aids reinforce the spoken or written words with concrete images and thus provide reach perceptual images which are considered as base to language learning. When these materialsare being used in effective manner, they make the learning process easier and permanent. They play a crucial role in bringing the outside world into the classroom and make us teach efficiently and effectively. The teacher needs to apply all these modern teaching aids in teaching process.

Teacher has to acquire necessary skills to impart quality education, and must acquaint students the importance of these aids and how they make teaching learning process lucid, simple and interesting.

They create enthusiasm and positive spirit in teachers and student. The aids alone cannot accomplish the task of education and the teacher always remains the main pivot of all teaching process.

While using teaching aids the teacher should be clear about the objects of instruction and thus make the right use of right material at right place and at the right time. In short, teaching aids make learning permanent, stimulates self-activity, helps in overcoming language barriers, develops greater understanding, fosters continuity of thought, makes us teach efficiently and brings the outside world into the classroom.

Introduction: In present research paper, the objective of researcher is to highlight the modern teaching aids in teaching learning process. A teaching aid is something which makes teaching easier for the teacher and make learning more effective and enjoyable for the student.

Blackboard and chalk. Modern teaching aids are a means to better the way in which classes are conducted. It acts as a tool for the teachers to explain the thing in a more effective and lucid manner. Modern Teaching Aids develops the teaching profession. Modern teaching aids are varied in nature and utility. Today our Education system is facing a quality in teaching profession. The main reason is that we are not having good teachers and if there are some they are not well qualified.

To breach this gap our Education system has to be changed to meet the requirements of the changing technology. Since our basic mode of teaching is by using Class boards and giving lecture notes which makes a good environment between teacher and student. Teaching aids and its importance: Time has changed. Students have changed. Today's kids are far smarter than their contemporaries. They are easily distracted. With knowledge dissemination becoming far easier, teachers and educational institutions were forced to develop better aids of teaching.

Students of higher classes can't be completely imparted knowledge without some of the new teaching aids. Teaching aids assist to teacher to teach the lesson effectively but they do not substitute the place of teachers.

Some children do not understand the lessons in abstract manner. For them, teacher has to made a model or teaching material to make understand the lessons.

For example, if the student does not understand about letters in any language. Teacher has to prepare a sheet on which those letters to be written in big size with different colors. Traditional Teaching Aids: 1. Chalks, Black Board, Duster: These are the tools of a teacher which bare a minimum requirement that are to be present in any class.

They are cheap and easily available. Use of colour chalk were a modification to draw various diagrams on the board. But the universal appeal of a blackboard is never going to decease from a classroom. So though blackboard is considered traditional it can be also be counted among timeless and modern teaching aids with. Colour charts, Clay models, Play toys: The colour charts are a means to draw the attention of the frisky kids who are easily attracted to some catchy and bright things. So there is a better chance of retaining such things in the memory.

How true it is. Clay models are another such tool where the pictorial 2-D images are brought to life in the 3-D form that gives us a better chance of understanding the description provided for them. For example, the model of a heart, the model of DNA structure etc. Play toys are a past time relief for any kid. Also they act as the first steps to understanding of various devices such as aero planes, motor cycles, ships etc.

Some of them can be a food for brain stimulation too. Abacus, tic- tac-toe, scrabble solver are some such examples. Workbooks, Playbooks: These were the various books that are provided in the student's curricula apart from the text books, so that some extra activities can be done by them. They are of different types according to their uses and characteristics.

B cable. Interactive Teaching aids: Interactive teaching aids include which involve both teacher and her students in learning. Here teachers creates scope for students participation.

Latest gadgets like Android phones, tablet PCs can be utilized instead of bulky computers and TVs in classroom. Apparently today's new generation is very much well versed with new technologies. New devices being user friendly the young students from privileged class have been using such devices like iPhone, Android phones, iPads etc for entertainment as well as learning. In such cases teacher has to keep them updated with such technologies and be prepared to answer questions from students.

Teacher can and should use gadgets to keep them updated with resources about latest scientific developments, political changes, lifestyle changes and diseases etc, so that they can supplement what they teach from book in the classroom.

In this regard Google search and referring to reliable websites can be very useful. Visual teaching aids: All types of aids that makes learning happening through visuals are considered visual aids.

Audio Teaching Aids: Audio teaching aids can be very effective in language classes. Tape recorders or voice recorders can produce better results while correcting mistakes in pronunciation in spoken English or even the first and other languages. Alphabet and charts: Alphabets and numerals in clay or plastic play very important role in pre schools while teaching alphabets and numerals for beginners. Alphabets can grow up with students age and play an important role in increasing vocabulary. Charts can be prepared both by teacher and students and becomes handy in discussing complex ideas like judiciary system etc in science and social studies in higher classes like IX to X.

Abacus : Abacus is a very old teaching aid. In fact it is considered the predecessor of computer. But for beginners it is still considered one of the most effective teaching aid for learning basic ideas of addition and subtraction. Puzzles: Similarly for the students of higher classes should be given mathematical puzzles, word puzzles etc which help in intellectual development and vocabulary build up.

Books as Teaching Aids: Books are actually teaching aids and with handy instructions, activity ideas, games incorporated with a lesson books are actually becoming the best teaching aid for a teacher.

Unlike yester years when books, its lessons, and question answers were the only purpose of learning, today books are more interactive. The books prepared by authorities like NCERT have very well constructed guidelines for teachers to create learning situations with the active participation of students.

Books are also prepared in a way that incorporate lots of puzzles, games, and activities for the children. Educational Toys as teaching aids: Educational toys are integral part of play schools and nursery classes.

While it is difficult to create all types of situations in classroom even though the teacher wish to create, educational toys can make it possible. Even the regular toys that a child play at home can be great to teach child many things. Skits or sketches, pictures and flash cards as teaching aids : All these are very effective for teaching in classroom from pre-primary to higher classes. Only thing matters is that teacher should use them effectively and instead of preparing them y themselves they should engage some professionals so that teacher can devote more time in finding ideas to interact with students.

Colors and Lessons plans: Colors are very important for lower classes. It adds the fun element so easily that children learn without knowing that they are learning something. A lesson plan is the most important teaching aid for a teacher. Without a lesson plan his class will never be as successful as it should be. Each and every trained teacher understands the importance of a lesson plan. Science Equipment or models: For teaching science lessons equipment are unavoidable.

They encourage students to be more participating, more inquisitive and inspire them to work as team. This creates the ideal environment for science classes and by getting students interested in the basic idea of the lesson the teachers task is much easier now.

Effective tool in pre- school: Pre-school is the phase where a teacher cannot make learning possible without teaching aids.

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The 5 Key Criteria To Create Effective Teaching Aids For The Classroom

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Teaching Aids: A Panacea for Effective Instructional Delivery in Biology

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Store D. ED students. You need a good amount of teaching aids in order to teach.

The major purpose of audio-visual aids in the classroom is to focus attention. If you switch on an OHP, attention moves from your face to the screen. This helps by providing variety and regenerating interest — attention span is normally no more than fifteen minutes — but is obviously self-defeating if the OHP is then just left on. Students need to concentrate on you when you wish to engage them in two-way exchange. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

A teaching aid is anything used by a teacher to help teach a lesson or make it more interesting to students. Teaching aids can come in almost any form. Some of the most common are pictures, videos, charts, flashcards , and objects, like three-dimensional models or educational toys. The term teaching aid is used to identify such materials as being a supplement to basic teaching for example, teaching through a lecture. Teaching aids are intended to engage students in the topic being taught.

Teaching Aids are the tools available to the teachers to provide multiple sensory experiences and to carry out teaching- learning process effectively and efficiently. Carmona and Fransisco () confirm that it is necessary to integrate teaching aids in order to facilitate the teaching process.

Using educational teaching aids can boost student success in the classroom. These aids reinforce what a teacher says and ensures the main points are understood. Educational teaching aids signal students to the important information. They also allow them to experience something that is abstract in real life. A teaching aid is anything that can be used to help reinforce new information or skills.

A teaching aid is a tool used by teachers, facilitators or tutors to help learners improve reading and other skills, illustrate or reinforce a skill, fact, or idea and relieve anxiety, fears, or boredom since many teaching aids are like games. Audio-aids: Audio-aids help in developing the listening skill of a learner. Audio-aids are those aids which can be only listened. Examples, of such types of aids include, radio, gramophone, tape recorder, audio-tapes, walkman and headphones etc. Visual-aids: Aids which require the involvement of learners visual senses are called visual aids.

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The Impact of Modern Teaching Aids in Language Learning Process


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