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Difference Between Conventional And Addressable Fire Alarm System Pdf

difference between conventional and addressable fire alarm system pdf

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These differences include;.

It is typically used for larger office buildings with more complex requirements. Each alarm has its own address, which is monitored independently in order to let the system know when it is either activated or not working properly. The activated device will show up on the control panel monitor, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of a fire in a timely fashion.

What’s the Difference Between Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarms?

In order to understand what system may be right for your company's building or office, it is important to understand the differences between each system. So let's begin Conventional fire alarm systems have been around for many of years and have changed little in terms of technology. Although design and reliability have improved significantly, the system's technology has protected many hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide. A conventional fire alarm system is often the natural choice for smaller systems or companies with budget restrictions. Within this system,the "intelligence" lies within the fire alarm control panel.

Difference Between Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarms

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Have you forgotten your password? Natasha Sabin reports:. The most common types of alarms that businesses use are conventional and addressable alarm systems. Both types of alarm link devices such as call points and smoke detectors to a main control panel. The main difference between the two is that with addressable fire alarm systems, you can pinpoint exactly which device has been activated. Every device connected to the addressable system has its own unique address.

Selecting a fire alarm for your construction site is not only about following the legal requirements; the right alarm system can help to save money, time and effort. Most commonly, businesses install conventional and addressable fire alarms to safeguard their premises. Both the alarms connect the various devices like smoke detectors and call points to the main control panel. The key difference between the two alarm systems is that in an addressable fire alarm, you can identify which device has been triggered specifically. In the case of an addressable fire alarm system, each device on the system has a unique address. This helps to find the precise location where the fire has occurred and extinguish it quickly before much damage is done. In a conventional alarm system, it is not possible to locate the exact location where the fire has occurred.

The biggest difference between conventional and addressable fire alarms is scale. Conventional fire alarms are ideal for small buildings, such as individual offices or retail shops. They go off individually when they detect smoke or heat and will help everyone escape from your building safely and quickly. Addressable fire alarms are a necessity for large building complexes or campuses. Addressable fire alarm systems can be customized in a variety of ways, including:. Addressable fire alarm systems are typically more expensive than conventional alarms, but the extra information they provide to firefighters and building managers is invaluable. Again, for a large building or campus, addressable fire alarms are invaluable.

difference between conventional and addressable fire alarm system pdf

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Fire Alarm system is a system of devices connected by wire or wirelessly to detect and indicate individuals of fire hazards in the area. Here we will discuss the two main types of alarm system available on the market. This is the most common type of fire alarm system around. They are commonly used in smaller building such as stores, homes and restaurants. They are also an ideal choice for people with smaller budgets.

As with anything in the security systems industry, prevention is vital. Preventing catastrophic loss is a top priority and one of the most crucial security system components that helps avoid such situations is the fire alarm system. This is a no brainer, but there is some disparity between what type of fire alarm system is best. In the alarm industry there are basically two types of fire alarm installations, conventional and addressable or analog addressable.

What are Addressable Fire Alarm Systems?

The main difference between them is how the signals from connected devices communicate to the main control panel. Cost is often the primary factor in choosing a new fire alarm system.

What’s The Difference Between Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarms?

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    An addressable fire alarm system is made up of a series of fire detectors and devices that are connected back to a central control panel.

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    With a conventional system, if a device's wire is damaged or severed, its signal and the signal of other devices down the line cannot be transmitted to the control panel. With an addressable system, both ends of the wire connect to the control panel.

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