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Sap Businessobjects Web Intelligence Xi 3 1 Exercises And Answers Pdf

sap businessobjects web intelligence xi 3 1 exercises and answers pdf

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Audience The target audience for this course is report designers who are experienced Web Intelligence users and who need to create complex Web Intelligence documents. Goals BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is a query, reporting and analysis tool that allows you to access the data in your corporate databases directly from within BusinessObjects Enterprise InfoView and to present and analyze this information in a Web Intelligence document. This one-day instructor-led classroom course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills needed to apply alternative query and reporting techniques when creating complex Web Intelligence documents. After completing this course, you will be able to create combined queries and use sub-queries. You will also be able to use character and date string functions, create variables using "If" logic, redefine calculation contexts, and create hyperlinks in your documents using Web Intelligence dialog boxes.

BOW320 Web Intelligence Advanced

Managing BO environment in a large enterprise is one of biggest challenge for System Administrators. BusinessObjects Administrator tools are used for configuring BO environment and services, manage BI reports, monitoring and auditing, users and security, events and alert management and other administration activities. All these tools provide SAP Administrators with a solution for improving overall reporting experience for end users and reducing administrative effort in managing BO environment. SAP BusinessObjects comes with set of administrative tools used to perform various administrative tasks in BI environment. CMC is a web based administrative tool to perform user, content and server management. You can set security settings, define monitoring and auditing policies, create and manage connections to data sources, set alerts and event management, manage license type and other activities using CMC. CCM tool is used to manage servers in cluster environment.

Businessobjects Desktop Intelligence Version Xi R2 PDF

Are you new to the business sector? Do you want to upgrade your skills? Are you unable to grasp the business objectives? Business objective web intelligence XI 3 is a management tool which is specifically created for the business users who need to produce effective reports using this tool. This helps the learners to analyse, access and share corporate data using business objectives.

OLTP vs. OLAP 2. Types of OLAP 3. Data Flow in BW 7. Architectural overview 2.

Business Objects Xi 31 Documentation

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Business Objects Web Intelligence XI 3 Interview Questions & Answers

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User Manual for the Business Objects Web Intelligence XI

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