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Remote Sensing Methods And Applications Pdf

remote sensing methods and applications pdf

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Applications of Remote Sensing in Geoscience

Remote sensing is becoming an important and useful tool in mapping large, remote areas and has many applications in geosciences such as geologic and geo-structural mapping, mineral and water exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, natural hazards analysis, and geomorphology. The recent advances in remote-sensing imaging acquisition and availability of images can help geoscientists to explore and prepare maps quickly and evaluate the geo-potential of any specific area on the globe. Advances in remote-sensing data analysis techniques have improved the capacity to map the geological structures and regional characteristics and can serve in mineral exploration in complex and poorly understood regions. In this chapter, geophysical remotely sensed data airborne geophysics are integrated with other sources of remotely sensed data to analyze three separate areas, one each for geological structure, lineament presence and orientation, and geothermal potential. Three case studies are discussed in this chapter from three countries—Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, and Algeria—to show the effectiveness of remote sensing in mapping and detecting geo-structural, geomorphological, and geothermal characteristics of ground surfaces. Recent Advances and Applications in Remote Sensing. Airborne remote sensing could be said to have started in when French balloonist Gaspard-Felix Tournachon took a photo of Paris from above.

Science of Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object and thus is in contrast to on-site observation. The term is applied especially to acquiring information about the Earth. Remote sensing is used in numerous fields, including geography, land surveying and most Earth science disciplines for example, hydrology, ecology , meteorology, oceanography, glaciology, geology ; it also has military, intelligence, commercial, economic, planning, and humanitarian applications, among others. In current usage, the term "remote sensing" generally refers to the use of satellite or aircraft-based sensor technologies to detect and classify objects on Earth. It includes the surface and the atmosphere and oceans , based on propagated signals e. It may be split into "active" remote sensing when a signal is emitted by a satellite or aircraft to the object and its reflection detected by the sensor and "passive" remote sensing when the reflection of sunlight is detected by the sensor. Passive sensors gather radiation that is emitted or reflected by the object or surrounding areas.

remote sensing methods and applications pdf

What is remote sensing and what is it used for?

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Radars and lasers are breathtaking attributes of sci-fi movies no longer as it was just a few decades ago. These innovations have been widely used as types of sensors in remote sensing since science made a giant step ahead. Over the span of time, remote sensing technology found their applications in various spheres of human life. Farmers benefit from the types of remote sensing satellites on a daily basis.

The results of practical application in of the geoelectric methods of forming short-pulsed electromagnetic fields FSPEF and vertical electric-resonance sounding VERS and a special method of satellite data processing and interpretation on five prospect areas in Siberia are discussed. As a result of the conducted works by FSPEF- VERS method on the group of local uplifts a conclusion was made about the prospectivity of this methodology, and it was recommended for including into the complex of geologic-geophysical methods of hydrocarbon deposits prospecting and exploration. The anomalous zone of "oil deposit" type were revealed and mapped over investigated areas on the satellite data interpretation result also. The experimental results show that the special technology of satellite data processing and interpretation can be used successfully for the hydrocarbon accumulations prospecting and exploration in remote and difficult to access regions Siberia including on reconnaissance and evaluation stages of investigation.

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In general, remote sensing applications lack the ability to penetrate into the subsurface, although some sensors can penetrate to very shallow depths i. Data Access and Acquisition. Toggle navigation. Search open E I. Remote Sensing Techniques:.

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Remote sensing


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