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Assessment Of Coma And Impaired Consciousness Pdf

assessment of coma and impaired consciousness pdf

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The Glasgow Coma and Outcome Scales: Practical Questions and Answers

Practical Handbook of Neurosurgery pp Cite as. Since they were described, the Glasgow Coma Scale [ 6 ] and Outcome Scale [ 1 ] have gained wide acceptance and are now in use throughout the world. Nevertheless, such commonplace use can engender a feeling of familiarity that can lead to them being used less effectively than ideal. Usually this is the result of some of the factors that were crucial in their development, and remain important in their day to day application, being overlooked. It is therefore appropriate to re-visit some of the features that are the basis of reliable, robust use of the scales and in the interpretation of their findings.

The merits of the Comprehensive Level of Consciousness Scale as a research tool are presented. An analysis of consecutive consciousness-impaired patients with their short-term outcome is presented. Trans Am Neurol Assoc 25—29, Fisher CM : The neurological examination of the comatose patient. Acta Neurol Scand 45 Suppl 36 : 5—56, New York: McGraw-Hill, , p

Assessment of level of consciousness following severe neurological insult

Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Read article at publisher's site DOI : Bouzarth WF. J Trauma, 1 Acta Neurochir Wien ,

Coma scales: a historical review. Teive III. METHOD: A review of the literature between and in the Medline and Scielo databases was carried out using the following keywords: coma scales, coma, disorders of consciousness, coma score and levels of coma. It is easy to apply and very suitable for cases of traumatic brain injury TBI. However, it has shortcomings, such as the fact that the speech component in intubated patients cannot be tested. While the Jouvet scale is quite sensitive, particularly for levels of consciousness closer to normal levels, it is difficult to use. The Moscow scale has good predictive value but is little used by the medical community.

Coma is unresponsiveness from which the patient cannot be aroused and in which the patient's eyes remain closed. Impaired consciousness refers to similar, less severe disturbances of consciousness; these disturbances are not considered coma. The mechanism for coma or impaired consciousness involves dysfunction of both cerebral hemispheres or of the reticular activating system also known as the ascending arousal system. Causes may be structural or nonstructural eg, toxic or metabolic disturbances. Damage may be focal or diffuse.

Assessment of coma and impaired consciousness. A practical scale. G Teasdale, B Jennett. Lancet July 13, 2 ():

Overview of Coma and Impaired Consciousness

Overview of Coma and Impaired Consciousness

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Assessment of coma and impaired consciousness. A practical scale


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    Abstract. A clinical scale has been evolved for assessing the depth and duration of impaired consciousness and coma. Three aspects of.

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    Teasdale of this institute published a paper in the lancet on the assessment of Coma and impaired consciousness. This paper proposed a.

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