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Industrial Noise And Vibration Control Irwin Pdf

industrial noise and vibration control irwin pdf

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Structural vibrations: Part II – Industrial problems

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Environmental Noise Survey - Final Report. Emmanuel Arthur. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. IntroductionThe assessment of environmental noise within an operational area or industrial workplace typically requires that you capture an uninterrupted history of noise data for a temporary but extended period of time.

Environmental noise measurements within Tullow operational areas are one of the environmental parameters within the TGL monitoring plan that has to be monitored. Environmental noise survey is necessary to assess noise baseline conditions within operational areas and to ascertain if noise levels emanating from operations has any detrimental impact to the local environment or has potential to cause nuisance at noise sensitive locations e.

The survey is planned to be conducted within Q3 and Q4 of Each survey period would last a week. The survey will investigate the following The nature and character of the locality and the background noise 3. The characteristics of the noise sources at operational sites -e. The normal operating times of noise sources at operational sites and any possible variations or irregular emissions, e.

Operational noise levels in comparison to EPA ambient noise limits Noise Terminology and Definitions Decibel dB :The standard unit for measuring sound pressure level and noise exposure. SPL:The sound pressure level. This is the basic physical measure of noise and is normally expressed in dB. LAeq:This is a general descriptor of environmental sound exposure. It the equivalent continuous sound pressure level. It is an average of the total sound energy measured over a specified period of time.

It represents the level of a steady, continuous noise that has the same total energy as the real varying noise measured over the same period. Threshold:The sound pressure level below which sound measurements are excluded from the calculation. Noise Survey Scope and MethodologyThe scope and the extent of the noise survey is intended to reflect the site-specific conditions of each site in respect of noise generating sources and activities.

These are conditions in which the waves from sound sources is unaffected by the presence of any reflecting boundaries. In environmental noise, true free-field measurement conditions are achieved by positioning microphone at a height between 1. SLM in free field measurement mode would enable background noise level measurements at all locations. To minimise the influence of reflections, instrument position would be at least 3. Sound Level Meter Field DeploymentNoise monitoring equipment would be set up in all locations as indicated in the survey map see figure 1.

Generally, the sound level meter deployment in the field would not have the full weatherproof windshield cover installed over microphone. However where there are clear and present hazards to equipment deployed, microphones would be fitted with weatherproof windshield and calibrated before and after survey to ensure a consistent and acceptable level of accuracy was maintained. If weather conditions are harsh and unfavourable, measurements would be suspended and rescheduled to a later date.

Automatic unattended logging of noise levels is appropriate for this survey since no doubts exist about the noise sources at the various operational sites. Attended measurements would be conducted where necessary in a follow up survey if certain patterns or peaks cannot be logically explained. Attended measurements will facilitate the identification of any extraneous sources, tonal elements and for additional noise source information.

The A weighting is the usual method of adjusting the measured sound pressure level so that the measurements represent the frequency response of the human ear. Tabulated below are the relevant details on the equipment. Performance of Class 1 or 2 as relevant to the instrument model. Noise Survey Data Analysis and ReportingAfter the survey, results of the unattended noise measurements at all locations would be downloaded unto a field laptop with the instrument data analysis software for graphical display of noise level time history -Casella Insight.

The Casella Insight data management software is used to combine and graph noise periodic data logged. Data can be viewed in tabular or graphical format and analysed as necessary.

The Insight software includes analysis and graphing tools, which can be used to analyse and view measurement runs. The noise survey report will include a statement on compliance with respect to noise levels at operational sites in relation to EPA ambient noise limits for industrial areas.

Typical noise source decibel comparison chartTo give a sense check on sound levels here is a compilation of decibel levels measured for a variety of noise sources, that help one to understand the volume levels of various sources and how they can affect our hearing see table 5. Results and Analysis Survey Operations SummaryThe onshore environmental noise survey was conducted as planned. The report provides details of the noise survey conducted 3 -6 July and sets out the results and its analysis.

A noise survey consisting of attended and unattended parts has been conducted on site. Initial trial runs were conducted to function-test the equipment in field deployment. Standard practice of calibrating sound level meter before and after measurement was carried out for all measurement locations. Weather ConditionsSince environmental noise measurements are conducted outdoors, it was important to have clear weather during the survey period.

The survey was carried out in clear weather conditions at all locations with no adverse conditions impacting or disrupting the survey. Main Survey RunsThe main survey runs were conducted for durations of at least 9 hours at each location.

Noise measurements taken at the Shore base occurred on a crew change day Wednesday July 4, for offshore personnel and hence the level of aviation activities on the said day was higher than normal leading to the recording of high decibel levels.

On the same day, the base fire alarm was triggered around 9am but that did not produce the LAFmax for the two Shorebase measurement positions. P a g eThe measurement conducted at the Chemical facility occurred at a time when lime discharge was occurring at the port. There was heavy haulage trucking activities within the vicinity of the measurement position. The trucks were being loaded with lime for haulage out of the port.

At the Airport ridge staff house residential reference location, a construction related activity gravel spreading was occurring during the measurement period. This was going to significantly influence the db A measurements for this position. Noise Data AnalysisNoise patterns: Noise patterns refer to the temporal nature of a noise with respect to time of exposure and the level of exposure.

Types:Continuous noise is produced for relatively long periods of time and usually at the same decibel level. Intermittent noises are those that are produced for short periods of time but on repetitive basis. Aircraft and helicopter take-offs and landings are examples of intermittent noises. Impulse noises are those that last for only a very short period of time. Impulse noises may include rifle firings and similar sounds. The noise pattern from the crane operating at the Shorebase could be described as continuous.

Vehicular traffic, aircraft take-offs and landing at the survey sites could be described as intermittent. The level of repetitiveness of this noise source cumulatively over the survey period may approximate noise pattern to be continuous. Generally, the noise sources and decibel level measurements at all locations did not have the tendency to cause annoyance within the ambience as they were not tonal.

The noise was typically broadband at all locations and by the zoning classification as either commercial or industrial, potential noise receptors have adjusted to the background noise levels generated by the sources. However, the noise generated during helicopter take-offs and landings had the characteristics intensity and loudness to cause annoyance or disturbance to close-by offices.

The Logistics base provides warehousing, office accommodation and support to the offshore operations. The airforce base is host to other oil and gas operators such as Kosmos and Hess. The location of the Shore Base is as shown in figure 4. The site is approximately 5 ha and currently light industrial uses. Zoning Classification: D Light Industrial The identifiable noise sources within the Shore base can be outlined as follows Aviation operations aircraft taxying, take-offs and landings at the Takoradi Airport 2.

Bird scare gun fire sounds to drive birds off runway 3. Vehicular traffic trucks and cross country vehicles and saloon cars 4. Crane operations at the pipeyard loading and offloading of tubulars, movement and stacking Shore Base -PipeyardThe pipeyard within the Logistics base is the storage and lay down area for tubulars and other sizeable offshore equipment and hardware such as riser sections and drill strings.

The pipeyard runs parallel to the runway see figure 5 Zoning Classification: D Light Industrial Noise sources within this section of the Shore base are same as above.

Lifting operations by cranes is carried out at this location. The facility is used for the decanting of bulk production chemical supplies into units suitable for transfer to the FPSO. Zoning Classification: C2 Commercial The identifiable noise sources within the port arises from normal port operations which include docking and undocking of ships, crane loading and offloading of cargo, haulage trucks traffic noise, ship horns and siren alarms etc.

It has six houses in a shared compound see figure 7. Zoning Classification: A Residential Vehicular traffic arising from pick-up and drop-off of staff at various times in the day.

Noise data graphical illustration and analysisIf non-steady noise is to be described, it is necessary to know both its level and degree of fluctuation. Similarly L90 gives an indication of the lower levels of fluctuating noise. It is often used to define the background noise. LThis was highest at the shorebase office The high value for the shorebase office location is mainly attributable to the proximity of the office to the helipadhelcipoter take-offs and landing being the highest noise source experienced.

L This statistical parameter which represent background noise levels was highest at the FPSO chemical facility This is an indication that the pipeyard is generally quite.

LA max:The residential facility recorded the highest peak noise level The lowest LAmax was recorded at the shorebase office position


Outlines some basic forms of dynamic loading which cause vibrational problems in structures. Presents information on the possibility of structural damage occurring from vibration. Discusses the human response in terms of its often being the limiting factor in terms of amplitude which can be tolerated within a structure. Details industrial vibrational problems, covering areas of traffic, piling, forced vibration and industrial plant. Williams, C.

industrial noise and vibration control irwin pdf

affect the health and hearing of those who work in noisy places. Guy Lescouflair's book bridges this particula• communications gap very well. He writes in simple.

Environmental Noise Survey - Final Report

Sound Analysis and Noise Control pp Cite as. In studying acoustic phenomena in enclosures, it is necessary to distinguish between sound absorbing materials i. Allied with the absorption of a room is its reverberation characteristics, i.

Environmental Noise Survey - Final Report

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The detail syllabus for noise and vibration is as follows. Multi Degree of Freedom Vibrations: Matrix formulation, eigen values and eigen formulation, matrix iteration techniques -normal modes and orthgonality, transient response of multi degree freedom system, mode superposition technique, torsional oscillations of multirotor systems. Vibration Instrumentation: Vibration measurements — Vibration measurement parameters displacement, velocity and acceleration , instrumentation -electrodynamics exciters — impact hammers, piezoelectric accelerometers, signal conditioning and amplification, filters, preamplifiers and power amplifiers, real time analysis, FFT analysis, structural frequency response measurement, modal testing of beams, Modal parameter natural frequency, mode shape and damping estimation techniques. Vibration analysis: Relevance of vibration analysis, introduction to experimental modal analysis, Structural Modal analysis, mode shapes, Eulers beam equation for natural frequency, Calculation of natural frequencies — Rayleigh method, Stodala method, machine diagnostics through vibration analysis. Noise measurement: Mechanization of noise generation, noise control methodologies, noise control measures, environmental noise management, Road vehicle noise standards, Sound absorption by porous materials, silencer and suppression systems, Sound absorption, sound insulation, acceptance noise levels. Your email address will not be published.

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Sound Analysis and Noise Control pp Cite as. The instrumentation used for measuring noise may range from a simple sound-level meter to a sophisticated signal analysis processing system. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide.

David Irwin Download. Complimentary Downloads, Books on various topics available on this page, religious books, and other motivational books The books in the form of e-books in PDF files, called Industrial Noise and Vibration Control by J. David Irwin , free ebook Search this site. Editions F.

JOHN E. Professor Er. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means-graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems-without written permission of the publisher. Foreman, John E. Noise control.

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Handbook of noise and vibration control article pdf available in the journal of the acoustical society of america Results from decades of tests have shown that fan tip speed and pressure ratio control the overall fan noise levels. Various noise and vibration design criteria, field measurements, design concepts and specifications can be applied in facilities to achieve noise mitigation and vibration control to enhance building operations and. Noise control at the source it is best method to control the noise at the origin in order to avoid harmful effects of noise pollution. Chapter 6 environmental pollution control measures range of regulations and restrictions.

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Noise and vibration affects all kinds of engineering structures, and is fast becoming an integral part of engineering courses at universities and colleges around the world. Much of the new material has been provided by Denis Karczub, who joins Michael as second author for this edition. This book treats both noise and vibration in a single volume, with particular emphasis on wave— mode duality and interactions between sound waves and solid structures. There are numerous case studies, test cases and examples for students to work through.


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