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Sources Of Hindu Law Ancient And Modern Pdf

sources of hindu law ancient and modern pdf

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This article discusses the ancient and modern sources of Hindu Law through a concise overview and depiction of the various origins of such laws. It also talks about the pattern of lineage in carrying these laws and the continuous time frame, culture and customs that have been essential factors in promoting and abolishing the inherent causes of it.

Hindu law notes

These sources can be divided into Four categories-. It is believed that the rishis and munis had reached the height of spirituality where they were revealed the knowledge of the Vedas. The brahamanas are like appendices to the Vedas. Vedas primarily contain theories about sacrifices, rituals and customs. Some people believe that Vedas contain no specific laws, while some believe that the laws have to be inferred from the complete text of the Vedas.

A Hindu is an adherent of Hinduism. It is believed that Hindu law is a divine law. It was revealed to the people by God through Vedas. Various sages and ascetics have elaborated and refined the abstract concepts of life explained in the Vedas. The sources of Hindu law are ancient as well as modern.

India is a country that has abundant personal laws, each community has its own personal law. The Hindu, the majority community have separate family law, so have Muslims, Christians, Jains, Sikhs. Hindus and Muslims have since time immemorial maintained that their laws are of divine origin. However, no such claim is made by other communities. The modern Hindu law, by judicial interpretation and legislative modification, has undergone a dramatic change, so much that any claim of divinity can hardly prevail.

Schools And Sources Of Hindu Law

Hindu Law is believed to be divine law. It had been revealed by God through Vedas to the people. The abstract principles of life outlined in the Vedas had been expanded and refined by various sages and ascetics. People living on the Indian subcontinent have led their lives by following the guidelines and concepts provided in the Vedas for thousands of years. Such guidelines developed into laws that were followed by the people and implemented by the rulers, and thus became the law of truth.

Hindu law is considered to be the most ancient and prolific law in the world. It has been around every phase. It is about years old. Hindu law has been established by the people, not for the purpose of removing any crime or transgression from society but it was established so that the people will follow it in order to attain salvation. Originally Hindu law was established so that the need of the people gets fulfilled. The concept was initiated for the welfare of the people.

Sources of Hindu Law

Sources of Hindu Law

Sources of Hindu Law

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Hindu law is a very old law which is about years old, Hindu are the people who follow the religion of Hindu according to section 2 of the Hindu marriage act Hindu includes Buddhism, Jain, Sikhs or does not include Muslims, Jews, Parsis etch are called Hindus. According to Manu Hindu has two types of sources: an ancient sources of Hindu law and modern source of Hindu law. Let us understand one by one;.

It may be the authority which issues rules of conduct which are recognized by Courts as binding. It may mean the social conditions which inspires the making of law for the governance of the conditions Sources of Hindu Law: A critique. It may mean the social conditions which inspires the making of law for the governance of the conditions. It may also mean in its literal sense the material from which the rules and laws are known. It is important to study the sources of law because in every personal legal system only that rule is law which has place in its sources.

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Ancient and Modern Sources of Hindu Law: A Concise Overview

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    primary and paramount source of Hindu law and is believed to be the language of the divine revelation through the sages. The synonym of shruti is veda. There are four Vedas namely, a. Rig Veda (containing hymns in Sanskrit to be recited by the chief priest), b.

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    Introduction. Source of Law means “the roots of the law”, “cause of the law”, “the things from which the laws have been.

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