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Pick And Roll Offense Pdf

pick and roll offense pdf

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Two players start in each corner and the remaining players start in the centre jump circle.

Gonzaga Pick & Roll Continuity - FastModel Sports

This is true from youth basketball all the way up to the NBA level. Many coaches are missing out important details when teaching their players how to execute the screen and roll. An offensive player without the basketball sets a screen for the player with the basketball. The player with the basketball reads the defenders and dribbles off the screen looking to attack and create a shot for themselves or another player on the team. After screening, the screener rolls to the rim looking to catch the basketball and finish inside.

I remember watching coach K in a game of Dream Team against an European national team. I remember that in this game the US Team implemented a big number of pick and roll offenses in order to dominate. Pick and roll offense is crucial for any team that is looking for a team that wants to win more game. Therefore it has become one of the most important things a professional coach should teach to his team. I consider Jerry Petitgoue one of the best people to talk about the pick and roll.

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Continuity Pick and Roll Offense by Jerry Petitgoue

Before James Harden was the greatest isolation scorer of his generation, he was a far more traditional pick-and-roll ball-handler. His early Houston Rockets teams lived off of the NBA 's simplest play-call: Give Harden a big man to screen, surround them with shooters and watch him work. The hiring of Mike D'Antoni, on paper, seemed to be an endorsement of this model. But as D'Antoni's tenure wore on, Houston leaned on its bread-and-butter less and less. Eventually, the play represented mere crumbs in the grand scheme of the Rockets' offense.

Diagrams created with FastDraw. Click this link for all choices! If the screener is not a perimeter shooting threat and is a limited play-making threat, the defense will use a standard stunt. On the catch, the big will see the guard motioning toward him creating indecision in the big. It is a couple hard steps at the ball and recover back to his man. If the big is not a great shooter or perimeter threat…the defensive will give a quick stunt. As guard is picking up dribble, the defense will quickly stunt at the popping big.

pick and roll offense pdf

4. 4 Out 1 In (Kansas/Villanova). 5. 5 Out (D'Antoni/Gibson Pyper). 6. Half Court Sets. 7. Spain Pick & Roll. 8. Australia Ballscreen Motion.

Pick and Roll for Basketball (Offensive Guide)

What made this play so effective is Faried got a piece o…. Jay Wright does a great job clearing out most of the baseline help…. After only a day at the Orlando Summer League I filled up two pages of notes and great plays for all of my great followers. This play is a quick hitting action the Brooklyn Nets ran yesterday sever….

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Blake, I wish I could give you better advice, but I have not run this offense. Just by looking at the diagrams, I like your idea of 4 screening again. I would just have 2 dive to the ballside corner and 5 and 3 stay in their positions.

Outside Pick and Roll Play

Basketball Pick and Roll Offense

Our teams have won eight conference championships, completed four undefeated seasons, put together a game winning streak and compiled a record over the past 11 seasons. All of that success began when I switched to this four-out, one-in offense. These kids are not going to play for us forever, so we want to teach them to read the defense and react to what it gives them. The diagrams show you all the different options our players have. Most coaches set their 5 on the ball side, but I prefer to set him on the opposite block to open up things for my point guard. I always tell my point guard he is the first option.

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About This Play/Drill

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Basketball Offense - Pick and Roll Offense - from Dr. Hal Wissel

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Pick and Roll Defense: Stunting

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