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Introduction To Rasch Measurement Theory Models And Applications Pdf

introduction to rasch measurement theory models and applications pdf

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Published on Authors of this article:. Background: Mobile health mHealth apps offer great opportunities to deliver large-scale, cost-efficient digital solutions for implementing lifestyle changes. Furthermore, many mHealth apps act as medical devices. Yet, there is little research on how to assess user satisfaction with an mHealth solution.

Book: Introduction to Rasch Measurement: Theory, Models, and Applications

The purpose of this book is to illustrate techniques for conducting Rasch measurement theory analyses using existing R packages. The book includes some background information about Rasch models, but the primary objective is to demonstrate how to apply the models to data using R packages and interpret the results. The primary audience for this book is graduate students or professionals who are familiar with Rasch measurement theory at a basic level, and who want to use open-source software to conduct their Rasch analyses. We provide a brief overview of several key features of Rasch measurement theory in this chapter, and we provide descriptions of basic characteristics of the models and analytic techniques in each of the following chapters. Accordingly, we encourage readers who are new to Rasch measurement theory to use this book as a supplement to other excellent introductory texts on the subject that include a detailed theoretical and statistical introduction to Rasch measurement. For example, interested readers may find the following texts useful to begin learning about Rasch measurement theory:. Andrich, David, and Ida Marais.

A Course in Rasch Measurement Theory

This essay describes Rasch analysis psychometric techniques and how such techniques can be used by life sciences education researchers to guide the development and use of surveys and tests. Specifically, Rasch techniques can be used to document and evaluate the measurement functioning of such instruments. Rasch techniques provide a mechanism by which the quality of life sciences—related tests and surveys can be optimized and the techniques can be used to provide a context e. Rasch analysis allows researchers to construct alternative forms of measurement instruments, which opens the door to altering an instrument in light of student growth and change. Rasch analysis also helps researchers think in more sophisticated ways with respect to the constructs variables they wish to measure. Some life sciences education researchers are already using Rasch techniques e. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief introduction to selected whys, whens, and hows of using Rasch techniques so that Rasch techniques become more widely used in the life sciences education research community.

The Rasch model , named after Georg Rasch , is a psychometric model for analyzing categorical data , such as answers to questions on a reading assessment or questionnaire responses, as a function of the trade-off between a the respondent's abilities, attitudes, or personality traits and b the item difficulty. In addition to psychometrics and educational research, the Rasch model and its extensions are used in other areas, including the health profession [2] and market research [3] because of their general applicability. The mathematical theory underlying Rasch models is a special case of item response theory and, more generally, a special case of a generalized linear model. However, there are important differences in the interpretation of the model parameters and its philosophical implications [5] that separate proponents of the Rasch model from the item response modeling tradition. A central aspect of this divide relates to the role of specific objectivity, [6] a defining property of the Rasch model according to Georg Rasch , as a requirement for successful measurement. In the Rasch model, the probability of a specified response e. Specifically, in the original Rasch model, the probability of a correct response is modeled as a logistic function of the difference between the person and item parameter.

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introduction to rasch measurement theory models and applications pdf

Book: Introduction to Rasch Measurement: Theory, Models, and Applications. Edited By Everett V. Smith, Jr. and Richard M. Smith. 24 chapters ( pages, $47).

Rasch model

Rasch Analysis for Instrument Development: Why, When, and How?

The item response theory IRT , also known as the latent response theory refers to a family of mathematical models that attempt to explain the relationship between latent traits unobservable characteristic or attribute and their manifestations i. They establish a link between the properties of items on an instrument, individuals responding to these items and the underlying trait being measured. IRT assumes that the latent construct e.

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A Scientometric Review of Rasch Measurement: The Rise and Progress of a Specialty


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