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Nonlinear And Adaptive Control Design Pdf

nonlinear and adaptive control design pdf

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Qi, G. Tao and B. Deb, J. Burkholder and G. T36

Adaptive control

For more information on this system, see [1]. Introduction to Gain Scheduling. A common approach to solve the nonlinear control problem is using gain scheduling with linear controllers. Generally speaking, designing a gain scheduling control system takes four steps:. Betts, John T. William and James, Matthew R.

Adaptive control is the control method used by a controller which must adapt to a controlled system with parameters which vary, or are initially uncertain. For example, as an aircraft flies, its mass will slowly decrease as a result of fuel consumption; a control law is needed that adapts itself to such changing conditions. Adaptive control is different from robust control in that it does not need a priori information about the bounds on these uncertain or time-varying parameters; robust control guarantees that if the changes are within given bounds the control law need not be changed, while adaptive control is concerned with control law changing itself. The foundation of adaptive control is parameter estimation , which is a branch of system identification. Common methods of estimation include recursive least squares and gradient descent. Both of these methods provide update laws which are used to modify estimates in real time i.

Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Nonlinear and Adaptive Control with Applications provides a detailed treatment of the design of robust adaptive controllers for nonlinear systems with uncertainties. The authors employ a new tool based on the ideas of system immersion and manifold invariance. Departing, in part, from the Lyapunov-function approach of classical control, new algorithms are delivered for the construction of robust asymptotically-stabilising and adaptive control laws for nonlinear systems. The methods proposed lead to modular schemes. These algorithms cater for nonlinear systems with both parametric and dynamic uncertainties.

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This innovative book breaks new ground in nonlinear and adaptive control design for systems with uncertainties. Introducing the recursive backstepping methodology, it shows -- for the first time -- how uncertain systems with severe nonlinearities can be successfully controlled with this new powerful design tool. Communicative and accessible at a level not usually present in research texts, "Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design" can be used as either a stand-alone or a supplemental text in courses on nonlinear or adaptive control, as well as in control research and applications. It eases the reader into the subject matter, assuming only standard undergraduate knowledge of control theory, and provides a pedagogical presentation of the material, most of which is completely new and not available in other textbooks. Written by the creators of backstepping , the book:. Errata sheet for the first printing. Order from: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Nonlinear and adaptive control de-sign

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Nonlinear and Adaptive Control with Applications

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Adaptive control

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